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SMS Server Tools for GSM modems
The SMS Server Tools make your server into a central
SMS gateway. You can send and receive SM using a simple
file-based interface. This Software was made for users
who send less than 20 000 messages each month.
There is an event-handler option that allows you to call
your own programs or scripts after sent or received SM.
The SMS Server Tools use one or more (max. 32) GSM modems
to send and receive SM. You can equip some modems with
Vodafone SIM cards and other with Telmi SIM cards (for
example), to save money. All SM are sorted in queues by
provider. If one modem fails it will be deactivated for
one hour before the software retries. The other modems
run without any restriction. You can log status information
and alarms using the syslog daemon of your operating system.
Upstream URL: http://smstools.meinemullemaus.de/
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