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SMS Server Tools
Copyright (C) Stefan Frings

This program is free software unless you got it under another license directly
from the author. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.
Either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

mailto: smstools@meinemullemaus.de

#ifndef SMSD_CFG_H
#define SMSD_CFG_H

#define PROVIDER 16 
#define DEVICES 32
#define NUMS 16

// Maximum size of a message text
#define maxtext 2048

// Maxmum size of a single sms, can be 160/140 or less
#define maxsms_pdu 160
#define maxsms_ascii 140

// Block modem after n errors
#define blockafter 3

#include <limits.h>

typedef struct
  char name[32];        // Name of the queue
  char numbers[NUMS][16];     // Phone numbers assigned to this queue
  char directory[PATH_MAX];         // Queue directory
} _queue;

typedef struct
  char name[32];        // Name of the modem
  char device[PATH_MAX];        // Serial port name
  char queues[PROVIDER][32];  // Assigned queues
  int incoming;         // Try to receive SMS. 0=No, 1=Low priority, 2=High priority
  int report;                 // Ask for delivery report 0 or 1 (experimental state)
  char pin[16];               // SIM PIN
  char mode[10];        // Command set version  old, new oder ascii
  char smsc[16];        // Number of SMSC
  int baudrate;               // Baudrate
  int send_delay;       // Makes sending characters slower (milliseconds)
  int cs_convert;             // Convert character set  0 or 1 (iso-9660)
  char initstring[100];       // first Init String
  char initstring2[100];        // second Init String
  char eventhandler[PATH_MAX];      // event handler program or script
  int rtscts;                 // hardware handshake RTS/CTS, 0 or 1
} _device;

int debug;              // 1 if debug mode (do not really send and do not delete received SM
char configfile[PATH_MAX];    // Path to config file
char mypath[PATH_MAX];        // Path to binaries
char d_spool[PATH_MAX];       // Spool directory
char d_failed[PATH_MAX];      // Failed spool directory
char d_incoming[PATH_MAX];    // Incoming spool directory
char d_sent[PATH_MAX];        // Sent spool directory
char d_checked[PATH_MAX];     // Spool directory for checked messages (only used when no provider queues used)
char eventhandler[PATH_MAX];  // Global event handler program or script
char alarmhandler[PATH_MAX];  // Global alarm handler program or script
char checkhandler[PATH_MAX];    // Handler that checks if the sms file is valid.
int alarmlevel;               // Alarm Level (9=highest). Verbosity of alarm handler.
char logfile[PATH_MAX];       // Name or Handle of Log File
int  loglevel;                // Log Level (9=highest). Verbosity of log file.
_queue queues[PROVIDER];      // Queues
_device devices[DEVICES];     // Modem devices
int delaytime;                // sleep-time after workless
int blocktime;                // sleep-time after multiple errors
int errorsleeptime;           // sleep-time after each error
int autosplit;                // 1 is autosplit of long SMS files is enabled
int receive_before_send;      // if 1 smsd tries to receive one message before sending
int number_parts;               // Number all parts of splitted sms

/* initialize all variable with default values */

void initcfg();

/* read the config file */

void readcfg();

/* Retuns the array-index and the directory of a queue or -1 if
   not found. Name is the name of the queue or a phone number. */

int getqueue(char* name, char* directory);

/* Returns the array-index of a device or -1 if not found */

int getdevice(char* name);

/* Show help */

void help();

/* parse arguments */

void parsearguments(int argc,char** argv);


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