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Public Attributes

_device Struct Reference

List of all members.

Public Attributes

char admin_to [SIZE_TO]
int baudrate
int check_network
int cs_convert
int decode_unicode_text
char device [PATH_MAX]
char eventhandler [PATH_MAX]
char identity [SIZE_TO]
char identity_header [SIZE_TO]
int incoming
char initstring [100]
char initstring2 [100]
int internal_combine
int keep_open
int message_count_clear
int message_limit
char mode [10]
int modem_disabled
char name [32]
int outgoing
char pdu_from_file [PATH_MAX]
char pin [16]
int pinsleeptime
int pre_init
char primary_memory [10]
char queues [PROVIDER][32]
int read_memory_start
int report
char rr [PATH_MAX]
char rr_cmd [SIZE_RR_CMD]
char rr_cmdfile [PATH_MAX]
int rr_interval
char rr_logfile [PATH_MAX]
int rr_loglevel
char rr_statfile [PATH_MAX]
int rtscts
char secondary_memory [10]
int secondary_memory_max
int send_delay
int sending_disabled
char smsc [16]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file smsd_cfg.h.

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